Get to know us

Welcome to Iconsultcrypto company our cryptocurrency and blockchain consulting company! Our CEO and founder Ivan Dimitrov, also known as "IvanD Crypto" on social media, is a specialist passionate about computers and technology.

Do Something Great neon sign
Do Something Great neon sign

Our mission

Our mission is to provide expert cryptocurrency consulting services to our customers. We value professionalism and respect, and we strive to ensure that every dollar spent at our company is well spent on your path in life.

We care about our customers and our primary target is to have all our customers happy.

Our vision

Our vision is to introduce our clients to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency with ease. We believe that blockchain technology is the best way to store your money and we want to help our clients learn about self-custody and understand this complex world with ease.

Our long-term goal is to educate and empower our clients to take control of their financial future through cryptocurrency.

We strive to make everything easy for our clients and to provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in this exciting new industry.

man in black crew neck shirt wearing black headphones
man in black crew neck shirt wearing black headphones

Our team

Currently, our team consists of just our CEO Ivan, who has been learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology since 2017.

With his experience and expertise, he is dedicated to helping our customers navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency.

Ivan Dimitrov Staykov